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Julian P. Tuyo graduated his elementary education in Jelicuon-Cabugao National High School as Class Valedictorian. He finished his secondary education in Jelicuon-Cabugao National High School as Class Valedictorian as well as a recipient of various awards in the different fields of learning. He is a student leader, peace advocate, student journalist,  debater, a visual artist and an extemporaneous speaker. Currently, he is studying in Guang Ming College in Manila with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Buddhist Studies. Guang Ming College is the Fifth University Consortium of Fo Guang Shan Education System following University of the West in Los Angeles, Fo Guang University and Nan Hua University in Taiwan, and Nan Tien Institute in Australia.

Dream Big

Venerable Master Hsing Yun has given the Filipino youth the chance to learn and study Humanistic Buddhism that paves the way for our common grounds of helping and caring the rest of humanity.

Towards the Philosophy of Venerable Master Hsing Yun